Award winning digital film post-production and visual effects company, Cúbica was founded with the aim of starting an independent group within the field of visual effects.
Created in 2004 by Rubén Algarra, Cesc Biénzobas and Joan Amer, it has been working since then on challenging projects like Mama and on award winning movies such as EVA (Goya and Gaudí awards for best visual effects 2012), Rec2 (Gaudí best visual effects awards 2009) and also Mientras Duermes (Gaudi 2012 nomination), Mortadelo y FilemónMisión Salvar La Tierra (Goya award for best visual effects 2009) as well as other films like Transsiberian, Paintball and numerous advertisements and television shows.

In our offices in Madrid and Barcelona we count on professionals with 20 years’ experience and young talented people with fresh ideas, ready to respond and satisfy our customer needs.